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Floral Designer &
Landscape Consultant


1: to prepare or improve land for growing plants.

2: to develop with careful attention; to foster growth

   -Merriam Webster Dictionary 

Hello, I'm Lori Neely.  Growing up in KCMO, most of my backyard was vegetables my parents grew and my grandmother canned.  My mother had an area dedicated to flowers and she began teaching me what her grandmother and neighbor taught her.


Later I studied floral design under Bill Harper and worked for Trapp & Co. and Final Touch Studios.  Being a floral designer  has highlighted my first interest, in growing flowers.


Helping others start their journey in gardening and caring for their landscape is my passion.  Weeds and overgrown bushes can take over rather quickly.  I'm a wife, a mother and work full time outside the home.  I know how quickly it can start to feel overwhelming.  However, if you have a plan in place, an understanding of what you are growing, along with healthy trees and bushes as a foundation, then you can enjoy your outdoor space more.  

I teach simple concepts in gardening and landscape that save you time and money.  Let's cut out the frustrations, get your landscape cleaned up, so you can have a Garden Party.

I look forward to walking with you through your garden journey.

Lori Neely


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